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Hello. This is your captain, Ralph Sánchez, speaking. Welcome onboard my personal webpage. In the next few minutes you'll know me better. Enjoy the visit and, if you need more information, do not hesitate to drop a comment below, in the contact form.

Shot by Rafa Sánchez

Cabin check: What do I do

First Stop: Languages

From the moment just after I wake up, until the moment I fell asleep in the night, I AM TALKING. In order to do that, languages are mandatory. Let's check them out!


Engine failure: The toolbox.

In the life of a computer engineer programming languages are as important as natural languages. I have learned a bunch of them at university while I have learned others by myself. Go and dive in my "toolbox"!


Photo with your captain: Know him better


Bachelor Degree in Computer Engineering

September 2015 – Now. Valencia, ES
Avg. Mark: 9.4/10

High School Diploma - Science and Technologies

September 2013 – May 2015 (2 years). Chiva, Valencia, ES Avg. Mark: 9.7/10

Introduction to iOS development

June 2013 – July 2013 (1 month)

iOS development - Intermediate Level

July 2013 – Spetember 2013 (2 months)

Work Experience

ETSInf - UPV. Mentorship.
Web development of ETSInf's website and management of web content.

October 2017 - Now. Valencia, ES

El Nombre Es Lo De Menos. UPV Radio
Web development of

June - September 2017. Valencia, ES

Town Hall Summer Internship
Technical Support Assistant @ Ayuntamiento de Chiva

August 2017. Chiva, Valencia, ES

El Nombre Es Lo De Menos. UPV Radio.
Director and Radio Show Host.

April 2016 – Now. Valencia, ES

Town Hall Internship
Technical Support Assistant @ Ayuntamiento de Chiva

July 2016 (1 months) Chiva, Valencia, ES

Start Up Internship
Programmer @ ION Data Services

June 2016 - September 2016 (3 months) Valencia, ES. Not Successful Startup.

Best Landing Ever: My collection of awards.

High School Honour Mention.

Awarded by the Education Department of Generalitat Valenciana in 2015.

Scientific Summer Camps.

Awarded by the Education Department of the spanish Government in collaboration with the Spanish Foundation of Science and Technology. 2014.

Best Marks Award.

Awarded by Polithecnical University of Valencia in 2017.

Thank you for flying: Let's talk!



I am Social, but you already know that.